Any time, any place and many me

An Adaption of the 1986/87 published ‘Watchmen’ Comicbook (by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons). By the dissection of the storyboard leaving only “Dr. Manhatten”, a charakter who is endowed with a “nonlinear” perception of time.

” I was interested in time models and how ideas about them could be applied to books. I stumbled across Watchmen. And I was fascinated how Alan Moore had endowed his character Dr. Manhattan with a perception of time that is not embedded into a linear flow like everything else in the story. I wondered what would arise if a reader could share Dr. Manhattan’s perception of time and then read the story ‘all at present.’ What would happen then to Alan Moore’s construction of ‘story-time“? And to Alan Moore, if he were to witness this?”- Christoph Rothmeier 2011

Rothmeier’s artwork is an adaption of the graphic novel Watchmen (DC Comics, 1986/87) by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Targeted dissection of all the storyboards throughout the book reduces the story to the appearance of one single character, Dr. Manhattan. In constructing this character, creator Alan Moore took his inspiration from nuclear and quantum physics. Moore believed that a character who lived in a quantum universe would not perceive time from a linear perspective. According to the original story, the superhero endowed with supernatural powers such as precognition, transmutation, telekinesis, and teleportation perceives time as being a permanently present state, or his own status as an “omnipresence” of his person in time. He becomes estranged from human habits, ending up as a stand-alone entity. In Any Time, Any Place, and Many Me, Dr. Manhattan remains the only figure left in the book, literally standing alone, visible at all stages of the story; the story’s sequential progression merges into simultaneity, and the linear aspect of time becomes three-dimensional.

Artist’s statement and Project description:, Abot – Artists´ books on tour – Catalog, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter könig, Köln, 20

ABoT (Artist Books on Tour – European artist’s book competition), MAK Museum for Applied Arts / Contemporary Arts, Vienna, 2011

ABoT – touring exhibithion, MGLC International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, 2012

ABoT – touring exhibithion, UPM Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, 2012

Kommentar als selber was, WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, 2009


track042 “

track042 ” Die Tätowierung um mein rechtes Handgelenk ist die Schallwelle meiner … – 16 pages, published by Neue Kunst in Hamburg e.V, 2011


garten eden 2

garten eden 2 – 68 pages, published by Christoph Rothmeier, Gartenkunstnetz e.V and Heiko Adam, bug edition 2011, isbn 978-3-941639-97-3



track (recordings and time passages), a spacial “mise en scene” of acoustic phenomens recorded on a voyage over the eurasian continent, installation with audio, text and drawings, gallery artfinder, hamburg 2011

track 025 harmonica-ensemble and crossroad, Bejing, 5.10 min

18 timelines, audiorecordings were translated into machine drawings, ink on paper, under glas, on two tables, 2011

track 060 yaks, Bayangal, 7.17 min
track 021 gamblinghall and street, Kyoto, 4.46 min
track 000 underground trainYokohama Tokio, 18.10 min
track 013 skating and football playing children, Sukhbataar Place 8 p.m, Barun Urt 7.49 min
track 042 Peace bell and schoolkids, Hiroshima 4.10 min
track 080 Janrasig temple, Ulan Bator 9.00 min
track 037 Tsam Cymbal, Choijin lama temple museeum, Ulan Bator 4.10 min
track 064 mongolian radio pop 4.13 min
track 009 drums, monks, cars, police whistles, Kyoto 4.50 min
track 052 Hiroshima mon Amour by Ultravox, 4.33 min
track 082 walking on a wooden railway, Yakushima, 12.43.min
track 014 door in train, Shinkansen nach Fukoake, 5.04 min
track 005 wrestling and singing, reporter television, Barun Urt, 14.20 min
track 010 Suikinkutsu, Kyoto 6.20 min
track 062 train forest, Nowosibirsk, 9.42 min
track 063 train forest, Nowosibirsk, 9.42 min
track 000.1 6,5 Hz- wave, 6.00 min

track 033 Khamarin Khiid, 07:00 min

one of two loudspeakers is brought to swing by an electric mechanism in a periode of 5 minutes, after 2.30 min the speaker starts to turn in circles, the mechanism turns off and the speaker circles till it settles completely, two prints on paper describe a phenomen from different perspectives “the effect of a handclap by buddist monk on a person with a deranged perception of time”, 2011

track 042 “the tatoo around my right ankle is the soundwave of my mother’s voice saying my father’s name”

katalog published by Neue Kunst in Hamburg e.V. 2011

track 111 nightingale floors, Kyoto, 00:22

playllist of 25 audiorecordings and 25 tracks of silence, looped in a periode of 60 minutes, 1 loudspeaker is moved around a wall and back again, also takes 60 minutes, a bassshaker behind the wall emits vibrations, the ground resonates, directed by a motor a cable pull and electric devices, 2011

track 001 television, shopping mall maraton, reporter, Tokio, 01:42

track 003 bad road and singing, Arkangar, 01:42
track 006 Shinkansen to Fukoake, 01:33
track 004 train, night, passenger testing ringtones, Gobi, 01:46
track 008 electric birds and sinewave toys, Bejing, 00:48
track 013 skating and football playing children, Sukhbataar Place 8 p.m, Barun Urt 7.49 min 01:28
track 016 soundshower, Tokio, 00:54
track 022 elektric coucou, trainstaion, Aso 00:39
track 018 boat arriving, Bejing, 00:46
track 019 pop/trad. Song, Ulaan Bataar, 00:35
track 019 boat depart, Bejing 01:06
track 021 gamble hall and street, Kyoto, 00:50 min
track 045 drapes, Ulaan Bataar, 00:08 min
track 128 music school and baseball, Hakodate, 06:44 min
track 054 trafficlights, Bejing, 01:09 min
track 035 prayerwheels, Ulaan Bataar 03:19 min
track 039 toy, 00:35 min
track 082 walking on a wooden railway, Yakushima, 01:59 min
track 049 vilions, singers and birds, Bejing, 03:18 min

track 084 walking and crickets, 02:08 min

track 094 door in Shinkansen, 00:31 min
track 095 railway crossing, Aso, 01:44 min
track 005 wrestling reporter, Baruun Urt, 09:33 min

track 028 sirene and „last Song for you“, Tokio 02:09 min

track 082 sleeping under a 3000 years old sugi tree, Yakushima, 11.18 min

loudspeaker hanging in an 89 ° angle to the ground, magnet, cables, audio, 2011


chicago recordings

chicago recordings – 124 pages, published by Trottoir, Textem Verlag 2009, isbn 978-3-941613-39-3


the sonographic collection

The sonographic collection evolves like a laboratory focusing on a relation between sound and drawing. Different methods and recording systems are developed and put to test. The result is a collection of sonographic drawings. Each drawing visualizes the specific process taking place in the experiments. Specific categories label the different methods and systems that were put to test. The sonographic collection emerges with each experiment and is not meant to be completed or aiming for a certain result.

The Sonograph 2# documents measurable differences in frequency, movement and tension. Each event causes variations in the drawing process, that forms a spiral timeline. The timeline forms a 2 dimensional field, representing a lapse of time, readable as an Image.


acoustic map

The acoustic map category documents the specific sound environment of a field. It is recorded with a 360° Sonograph.

opening disraphic city – take 2, 8 to 8.25 p.m, Kunstraum Bethanien Berlin (sonography, ink on paper, 28 x 28 cm)

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frequency mandala

A frequency mandala translates regular changes in audio frequencies into graphic patterns.

single waves #5, 25.45 min
(sonography, ink on paper, 28 x 28 cm)

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topometric chronicle

A topometric chronicle visualises the progressive change of surfaces and sounding bodies.

heartbeat feedback experiment – take 3, 16.30 min
(sonography, ink on paper, 28 x 28 cm)

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dub plates

dub plates contain visual and acoustic informations that are used for the reproduction process of an image via sound into drawing.

anechoing chamber #1, 36.20 min
(sonography, ink on paper, 28 x 28 cm)

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multi track

These sonographies contain several independant timelines.

unknown master, take 3, 4 x 3.30 min, (sonography, coloured ink on paper, 28 x 28 cm)

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audio parcours

Soundsystem with moving speakers.

play video documentations

Frappant, Hamburg, 2009, M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt, 2009, Kunsthaus Hamburg, 2009

audio parcours 1 – 3

soundsystem with moving loudspeakers.

Audioparcours 3 (Erste/ Himmel und Hölle),Willkür, Frappant, Hamburg, 2009
Audioparcours 1 (tic tac), Stipendiaten 2008,
Kunsthaus Hamburg, 2009
Audioparcours 3 (stairways), system, M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt, 2009

swan lake remix

photo: sabine mohr

18 rotating hurdy-gurdys generate an endless and spatial remix on the theme of Peter Iljitsch Tchaikovsky’s swan lake.

last call, Le petite Versailles, New York, USA, 2009



scans – 24 pages, published by Behörde für Kultur, Sport und Medien Hamburg 2008

side projects

Der entgleiste Gesichtszug.

Vom Passagier aus betrachtet.
Christoph Rothmeier and Alexander Mayer

Narcisus and Narcosis, Puzzelink_evidenz, Hamburg, 2008