Christoph Rothmeier AESTIVATION STAGE

Audio Booth #1 (cycle end 2009)

Audio Booth #2 (corrupted booth)

Audio Booth #3 (cycle end 2196)

In order to save resources, we will have gone into hibernation. By having slept for more than 75% of our lives, we will have secured the survival of generations of people. Inside of an individual “Aestivation Stage” – its exact origin unknown – we will have spent nine months per year in a collective slumber. A civilization centered around societal dormancy will have been regulating humanity’s rhythm of falling asleep and awakening, gradually leaving its traces on our psyche…

In collaboration with Angela Alves, Brian Morrow, David Garboud, Jörg Hochapfel, Lianne Mol, Yael Sherill, Julia Kawa and Phillipp Haffner

Installation realized for