die Lampe – live

14.02.2024 “die Lampe” concert as part of Fabrice Croux’s Vernissage – “Les mains pleines de pouces” at le Bel Ordinaire in Billère.


hell on fire – it was

…the film material comes from an “accidentally got in and never got out” classic car meeting somewhere in New Zealand, and has now become the music clip for Hell on Fire.



Resident Artist Christoph Rothmeier

Wednesday, August 9, 5 to 8 pm

Every three weeks a new resident artist appears and musically, artistically and performatively inhabits an area of the interior and exterior space.

Berlin-based artist Christoph Rothmeier will be the second resident artist to implement an acoustic spatial intervention in the changing display space. For the opening he will perform a light and sound set outside as ‘The Lamp’. Recordings played live blur with excerpts of his own productions (aka chrchr) somewhere between performed music and soundtrack to a radio play / audio experiment. «got a bulb?»

His installation in the exhibition Club will be on display from August 9 to August 27.

A project by Filomeno Fusco & Marte Kiessling

Exhibition from July 22 until October 29, 2023

For more information, visit

Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch
Weigandufer Ecke Wildenbruchbrücke
12045 Berlin

Opening hours: Wed – Sun / 12 – 6 pm
free admission



… and here comes the first Docusheet. It was created in the search for a digital documentation format for my installations, and was made possible by the Neustart Kultur Modul D grant. Many thanks for that !

Aestivation stage


Maiseh | Have You Seen My Eyes | 31st JCF

Christoph Rothmeier – Have You Seen My Eyes

sound installation in collaboration with: Ruzyndla Choir: Wiktoria Sędzimir, Weronika Sędzimir, Małgorzata Międlarz, Przemysław Ćwik, Dawid Rozmus, Rita Rain, Oleksandr Mazii and Kateryna Sakhanda, as well as Adam Gajda, Pola Pawlikowska, Jörg Hochapfel, Philipp Haffner, Jakub Kubieniec The ghost of a woman searches for what she has lost. Have you seen my eyes?, her voice asks. Her body is in a different place than what she sees. She wanders the streets, looking for what was taken from her. legend: In “The Book of the Polish Jews”, Shmuel Yosef Agnon writes that after Esterka, the legendary lover of King Casimir the Great, passed away, he preserved her eyes – leaving her ghost restlessly wandering the Earth.

When it is hard to find the words, we tell stories. In “Maiseh”, which is the Yiddish word for tale (מייסע), seven legends were told in the public space. These stories are vehicles to grapple with loss, misfortune, betrayal and broken hearts. They arm us with humor, hope, courage and love. They bring us together. Traditionally passed on orally, legends were told over a meal or next to the campfire in almost all known human societies. The act of passing on stories shapes communities, which in turn come up with more tales to tell. Whether it is about a restless phantom roaming the streets, a hidden treasure or the guardian of an ancient synagogue – a “maiseh” usually contains few characters, simple dialogues, and nothing more than a superficial reference to an actual person, geographical location or historical event. These stories are simple and imaginative, sometimes fragmented, confusing or obscure.
During the 31. Jewish Culture Festival artists from Israel, Germany and Poland told their version of legends from Krakow in the medium of their choosing. Tales and legends transform as they are shared, slightly altered by the storyteller each time they are told. It is in the nature of the story to be adapted. Shaped as performances, drawings, murals, sound installations, workshops, and letters, the stories of “Maiseh” unfold in the streets of Kazimierz.


Curatorial team: Yael Sherill, Lianne Mol & Julia Kawka – Curatorial Collective for Public Art / Berlin, Meydad Eliyahu – HaMiffal / Jerusalem, Paweł Kowalewski – Jewish Culture Festival / Kraków Video: Julia Kawka


caspar hauser in the mirror

the music is a recording of a session on the 12.09.2019 by kröter,
the film collage by Chr Chr, material is from a forest zoo close to Berlin, taifun nr.19 coming onto Yokohama and selfies made by the musicians.