film essay

„what boundaries !?“ part 1*

film essay, 48 min, chr 2016

The film was made during a musical exchange project in Africa, where the Berlin Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, traditional Ulimba players from NJsange, southern Malawi and the Lusubilo Band from Karonga.
Documented peripheral events stand uncommented next to unrehearsed interview situations. The time span of the 3 weeks meeting is described out of the situation, through different pieces of the puzzle and mostly from an individual perspective. The fleetingness of the experienced moments and the reflection of the own roles, keeps the participants of the project in an undefined and ambivalent ambivalent situation, a temporary cultural limbo. The film tries to give time to this feeling
and to illuminate it.

„What boundaries !?“, Radialsystem Berlin, Tonlagen Festival Dresden, 2016