audio pieces installation performance

stable timeline collapse

audio installation / concert, Pyramid Club ,Wellington (NZ), chr 2019

This sitespecific audio installation investigates the fragility of musical systems and the joy of misunderstandings in it’s social practice. Hanging instruments become resonating bodies for recorded voices of musicians who explain their view on local music practice and their perception of time. These statements become play instructions for other musicians to interact with inside the installation piece.

Performers: Erica Grant, Nell Thomas, Jörg Hochapfel, Isaac Smith

Interviewees: Daniel Beban, Mark Williams, Chrissie Butler, and Kids from the Thordon School.

audio pieces performance

uneasy melodies #2

Sound performance with range finder, Arduino and Pure Data, 9 min Wunderblock 2018 , Berlin Eichenwalde, 2018, Densidad Cero, MACO musea del arte contemporana Oaxaca, Mexico, chr 2015

Text Display :
The subjective exploration of the nave architecture is translated into acoustic signals and set to music thus a still unresolved relationship between architecture, room acoustics and musical ambitions. While posture and movement act like natural instruments on the improvisation, the repetitive search for melody, as it is generally architecture, leads to an euphoria-inhibiting performance of the technical experimental arrangement.

audio pieces performance

uneasy melodies #1

Performance for voice signal cap and light organ 3 x 3 min 2015

Text display :
Three pieces and a half.
Three three times as fast at half
Speed as a half at three times the speed.
One half as fast at three times the speed as three at
half duration

unerhörte Räume, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, 2015

audio pieces performance

the entertainers‘ dry eye

music performance, 25 min, chr 2014

The entertainers dry eye, is a piece of music for a
soloperformer. The performance consists of 10-20
short music fragments, each fragment is played with a specially made cloth mask. The
performer sings, plays drums and keyboard simultaneously, through the masks sight and orientation is
the task can be solved more acrobatically than musically.
than musically. Musical accidents are provoked and desired.
( Music, costume and performance Christoph Rothmeier)

Klangkeller, Berlin 2018; Blurred edges, Hamburg 2016/218; AUA , Westwerk Hamburg 2015; High Tide, Westgermany, Berlin 2014; Superposition, Lehrter 17, Berlin 2014

Superposition, Lehrter 17, Berlin 2014